New releases online – thanks GeenStijl

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New releases online

We just received the first batch of Twilight-donations via TNT Express. One of the readers of weblog GeenStijl was kind enough to donate a stack of burned cd’s. From this stack we’ve selected a few for publication.

We’ve plundered and scanned the cd’s for any worthwhile detail. We’ve also included low-resolution cover-art from various sources on the web. Next to Games and Apps also a Various list is included. Some releases even have extra images, ascii art or text files: also included. Enjoy your reading!

The new releases are:

Check out all releases here: click.


Thanks GeenStijl

Popular Dutch weblog GeenStijl published an article regarding this attribution project, calling it an “altar founded on crowdsourced digital archeology“. According to GeenStijl Twilight is “The Napster for games, a silver-shining Pirate Bay for software”. We think so.

This post alone had about 150 reactions and resulted in over 20 e-mails regarding all kinds of facts, obscure internet pages and donated Twilight cd’s. This is great, liftoff!

Link to the original blog post (in Dutch): *click*

Twilight 19 Wallpaper

As located in the Various folder of Release #26. Converted without compression from BMP to PNG.


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