These fonts where used for the logos.


This font is an extreme look-alike of the font used on the discs, covers and website. You can download and tryout here. Found it using a vector-image in the old website’s flash intro: it contained a vector layer spelling “TWILIGHT”. What tha font did the rest. Demo’s:

Sanzettica 1 thin (looks similar to the discs)

sanzettica 1 thin dutch edition

Sanzettica 1 thin (even the letter R looks the same)

sanzettica 1 thin release

Sanzettica 4 Bold Expd (used on the official website)

sanzettica 4 reg twilight-cd.com


Phatt Phreddy

This logo is a post-processed version of Phatt Phreddy and the DVD Logo Glyph.


Phatt Phreddy font can be tried out here.


The DVD logo can be downloaded in various formats from wikimedia commons.



Century Gothic

The TL Europe logo font is, or is very similar to, Century Gothic.

twilight-logo-at1 TL+TWILIGHT_24615

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