Twilight 001 – DrUnK MoDe

Easter Eggs’s… gotta love them.

Software is constructed in a certain way: it’s a systematic combination of machine code and user interaction. When looking at a program, it’s possible to recognize parts that are intended for end users: images, text messages, metadata. The first release was a direct hit, with the following text popping up somewhere:

“Àt¾~ýWšzò¾þüWšzòÆFÿ ë&‹†úü‹–üü)†öü–øüéUÿšŠò ÀtÆFÿ ëÆFÿŠFÿÉÊ P                    dRuNk mode activated! ;)   (Hit any key)                    P                    dRuNk mode deactivated…   (Hit any key)                   .ZIPP                  This program cannot be copied!   (Hit a key)                  P    Copy to: [                                                             ]    P                             Copying, please wait…                            P                     File succesfully copied!   (Hit a key)                     O                      Error copying file!   (Hit any key)                      ”

dRuNk mode? After starting the Twilight Menu the dRuNk mode was nowhere to be found. It had to be some kind of key-combination. Still nothing. So it was time to do some heave lifting in machine instructions: assembly. With the right tools you  do not need to be a genious to somewhat understand what’s happening in assembly.


With a tool called IDA we could disassemble MENU.EXE into a series of routines. Within the tool it was also possible to search for a certain string. We found that dRuNk mode was located near other functionality that handles keyboard input. This meant we needed to look for the keyboard. It also was in the same routine that enables installing of applications… these where the hints we needed.

Keyboardhandling Drunkmode

Disassembled code in IDA



By pressing Control + Enter on the Release Info, dRuNk mode is activated. Normally this key combination can be used to install applications. It’s a switch.

Eureka, dRuNk mode enabled

Eureka, dRuNk mode enabled



dRuNk Mode Features

Now that this precious dRuNk mode is enabled… it’s time to see what it does… and well:

  • Switches up and down, left and right arrow keys.
  • Rotates and mirrors preview images.

Now we can finally play gnicar lataf!

Upside down soccer

Upside down soccer

Rotated and mirrored texts

Rotated and mirrored texts





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