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Ongoing Research Story, Twilight @ OHM2013, Menus available, Easter eggs,

Hi all,

This is a massive update to the Twilight-CD website. We’re getting very close to cover about every aspect of the Twilight product, thanks to you!

Site updates

First off: we updated the website using the fonts that where also used on the Twilight. We greatly improved navigation and your Twilight browsing pleasure. All items in blue have been added very recently. Be sure to check them out!

We’re proud to bring you the following updates!

2014 – Twilight – Onderzoek in uitvoering (dutch)

Een overzicht van Twilight tussen 1996 en 2004 gebaseerd op alle beschikbare bronnen. Dit geeft een zeer compleet beeld van de Twilight als product en de organisatie over de jaren heen.

Een must read, klik hier om het verhaal te lezen.

Twilight-cd project presentation at OHM2013

Hacker conference OHM2013 featured a presentation about Twilight and the state of this project. 750+ people attended this talk. Watch the video.

Menu downloads available

Original Twilight Menus

Various authentic menu’s from various Twilights are now available for download. Includes screenshots and feature overviews.

Universal Twilight Menu

A community driven attempt by Orca to improve upon the stagnating Menu95.exe. You can create your own compilations with this one.

Twilight 001 – DrUnK MoDe Easter Egg

Twilight 001 featured a nice easter egg. This article explains how it was found, shows some research on what it exactly is and finally shows what the easter-egg does. Funny stuff. This is one of the reasons Twilight was fun. Read more.


An overview of competing illegal software compilations. Taken from various sources, combining them with original research. Read more.

Perfect Fakes

Talking about competition… there has been a large amount of fake Twilights. We received a donation from Belgium with about ten perfect fakes.

Watch the photos and read more.

Window95real Window95fake

Collection Updates

Thanks to donations from anonymous contributors, friends and Awesome Retro’s Donation December a lot of new facts emerged. This is what you see above. Even seemingly duplicate releases appeared to open a new chapter in the Twilight history. The collection on the todo page has been updated since CD 1, 2, 5, 48, 49 and 51-56 have been donated. We’re still missing a stack of cd’s and a single DVD.

To make donations easier, a donation page has been created.