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I used to play … can you help me where to find it?

No. Try a second hand shop, steam or search the internet for an abandonware or open-sourced version.


Where can i purchase Twilight?

There have never been official channels, since it was a bootleg product.


Where can i download Twilights?

The year 2000 called to get it’s question back.

This website covers the history of Twilight and related stories for the sake of documentation.


Do you also cover other compilations such as … ?

No. We believe that Twilight is the most interesting software-pirate products. This is why:

  1. Twilight is a physical product,
  2. The production quality is higher compared to most other series,
  3. it started early, in 1996.

A list of competitors is here.


Why this website?

See “Why“.


How did you get this domain (twilight-cd.com)?

This domain was released by domain-squatters in 2013 after 12 years of squatting and running ads. It costs 10 euro’s a year. Finding this was a coincidence.


What about anti-piracy?

This website attempts investigative journalism. Politics is not relevant in this context.  This site presents various stories surrounding (anti-)piracy in the 90’s.

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