Twilight 014 – 0897014 – Dutch Edition

Currently no disc available.



Welcome, once again, to another great release of Twilight!

There are still two versions of the Windows menu, a 32-bit version for
Windows 95/NT (MENU95.EXE) and a 16-bit version for Windows 3.x (MENU311.EXE).
We strongly recommend that Windows 3.x users upgrade to Windows 95 or NT.
Windows 95 can be found on TL 7, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation on Twilight 5.
In the future we will not continue to support Windows 3.x and any enhancements
to the menu (there have been a few) will only be implemented in the 32-bit version.

If you want just a quick peek at the list of programs and don't bother about the
screenshots, then you can also start the Windows 3.x version (menu311.exe) from
Windows 95, as we left the screenshots out of that version.

We hope you'll all enjoy this great collection of software!

The Wares

To be able to fit as many games as possible on one CD, we have compressed
nearly all games; Most of them are already big enough! Fortunately, uncompressing
these games is extremely easy from the Twilight menu. Just select the drive where
you want it to go and click Install. And the game of your choice is uncompressed,
and you're ready to go.

As for applications, we try put on as many as possible uncompressed for easy
installation. Practically every application has its own setup/installation-utility,
Installation can be performed directly from the menu for all those applications
that are not compressed. In those cases clicking the Install button will directly
start the setup/installation-utility from the menu.

Note: to make it easy for you to catalogue, print or whatever a file LIST.TXT
is included in the Menu directory. In this file you will find the
the games and applications that are on the CD.


A beta-version of a game or application is a rare thing on Twilight. However,
sometimes we decide to put one on; We keep the following rules in mind deciding
whether to do so or not:
- The program should have an extreme appeal to a lot of people,
i.e. newsgroups are already being created on the Internet;
- It's stable (we test it as accurately as possible);
- The full version is scheduled for release sometime near the End
Of Time.

The VARIOUS-Directory

When compiling this CD, we came across a lot of files which were not suitable
for inclusion in the main list. However, we figured that these files might be of
interest to many people since these usually include trainers, cracks, solves, docs,
utilities and usefull things. We selected the most interesting files and put them
together in the VARIOUS-directory of the CD. Please note though, that we did NOT
check any of these files (except those that ar