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Below story is based on hearsay, limited insider knowledge and news articles. Stories section not online yet.

The Twilight logo is based on the flag of Europe. The Twilight product was intended as an international European release, an argument underlined with the “Dutch Edition” slogan on early releases. The Netherlands served as the basis for production and distribution, mainly because the organization was founded and run by Dutch citizens. Production was done mostly in Western Europe, also in The Netherlands.

Internationally it appeared Italy had its share of Twilight distribution, as most Twilight-related resources today (2012) are mainly Italian redistributors and rebranders. It is unclear if the silver, professionaly pressed, edition found a large stable market outside of the BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourgh). Concluding from one major bust of Twilight cd’s in 1999, the volume of cd’s was about 64.000 per release. This was a single truck, intended for the Dutch/Belgium market: maybe other countries also had their own distribution?

Did Twilight found steady markets outside of the Netherlands?

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