Twilight 001 – 0996001 – Dutch Edition

1 cd, barcode: 1-800-666 / 0

Run the DOS menu in your (firefox) browser here, it might give certificate warnings due to lazyness:


                                W E L C O M E

                         to the Very First Release of

              ÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ             ÜÜÜ              ÜÜ
             ßß  ÛÛ  ßß             ÛÛ              ÛÛ     ÛÛ
                 ÛÛ            ßß   ÛÛ   ßß         ÛÛ     ÛÛÜÜÜ ÜÜ Ü  Ü   Ü
                ÞÛÛ   ÛÛ   ÛÛ ßÛÛ   ÛÛ  ßÛÛ  ÜÛßßÛÛ ÛÛßßÛÜ ÛÛ
                ÞÛÛ   ÛÛ ÛÞÛÛ ÞÛÛ  ÞÛÛ  ÞÛÛ  ÛÛ  ÛÛ ÛÛ ÞÛÛ ÛÛÝ

This quick readme-file is intended to provide you with up-to-date, last-minute
information and know-how about this CD!

 ³ [1] WELCOME!

First of all: Welcome to this new CD! Seeing the vast collection of new CDs
of inferior quality popping up all around us lately, and being annoyed by
the total lack of a continuing series, we decided to create our own. Many
series only reach their second or third edition, with a bunch of lists
circulating of an edition which will never appear. Our goal is to keep this
CD being released on a regular basis, thus increasing your satisfaction.


For your comfort, we created a menu which can be started by typing MENU from
either the root-dir or the MENU-dir of this CD. From this menu, installation
of the programs can be performed easily. Here's a quick howto:

   Push...             To...
   Cursor Up/Down
   Page Up/Down        Move the bar to highlight the desired program.

   Cursor Left/Right   Change the destination-drive.

   Enter               Install the program.
   Control-Enter       Copy the program's ZIP-file to a specified directory.

   Space               View screenshots. We have included screenshots for some
                       programs, enabling you to make up your mind before
                       installing. When viewing screenshots, you can use the
                       cursor-keys to view the next/previous screenshot (try
                       some other keys as well!) Exit by pushing Escape.

   Escape              Quit the menu.

As you can see, installation effort is reduced to an absolute minimum.
Some programs (especially Windows-based applications) require to be installed
using their own installation-program. If you choose to install such a
program, the menu will quit and then start the custom installation-program.
Please note: It is not possible to copy this kind of program using the
built-in copy service (activated by pushing Control-Enter).
If you try to install a program using Enter and you do not have enough free
diskspace on the specified drive, installation will not continue. Select
another drive or free up some diskspace to resolve this problem. Please note
that this check is NOT performed if the program has its own installation-
program; Quite often a variety of different installations is offered all with
their own individual diskspace-requirements which are checked by the program


We have included a batchfile called TL.BAT with every program that has to
be unZIPped. This batchfile enables you to setup your soundcard, read the
docfiles, run the game and things like that. So searching for the right
executables and/or docfiles is no longer required; Just start TL.BAT!
Please note that, in order to get certain games up and running, TL.BAT has to
be able to access certain DOS-programs such as SUBST; Therefor, make sure
you have your DOS-directory (usually C:DOS) included in your PATH.


We have decided to adapt a very high standard of software for the obvious
reason of us wanting to give you your money's worth! Many people, many
different tastes, so we included a nice, diverse collection of software
from many different categories including 3D-action, adventure, strategy and
the latest in rendering-software. We are confident everybody will find many
pieces of software they'll like.
If you would like to spread or print the list, you can find it in the
Some additional software which might be useful can be found on this CD in
the VARIOUS directory. This software includes trainers, docs, patches, updates
and things like that, so be sure to check this out as well. Since most files
are only very small, we haven't put them in the menu; However, you can view a
textfile with a short description of all files by selecting "View Various-List"
from the menu.


ALL software has been thoroughly tested on a couple of different machines,
with many different configurations (CPU, Memory, Harddisk, Network, etc.).
All programs have been found to be functioning properly, so if you happen to
encounter any problems, please read the trouble-shooting section later on.
It contains many hints in case you run into trouble.
Virus-checking has been performed with the latest versions of:

    þ Thunderbyte Anti-Virus (TBAV);
    þ McAfee Scan;
    þ F-Prot;
    þ Dr Solomon's Toolkit.

All programs have been found to be clean of virusses.


As stated before, we try to release this CD on a regular basis. However,
since we depend on the release of good software to fill the next CD with
we cannot give you an exact date. Since a lot of good software is being
released lately, expect the next CD to appear in about 1 or 2 months time.
But don't hold your breath! ;)

 ³ [7] GOT A PROBLEM?!

This section is intended as a trouble-shooting guide; It tries to give you
some advice if you cannot get a program to work.

    þ Trying to run a program which requires 8 MB of memory when you've only
      got 4 doesn't make sense.
    þ If you're low on diskspace, try removing some files. Some programs
      (especially under Windows!) require some free diskspace to fiddle
      around with.
    þ Try increasing the FILES= statement in your CONFIG.SYS; It worked for
      me with Warcraft II amongst others!
    þ Remove SMARTDrive.
    þ If you're using Windows, put the Windows-directory in your path.
    þ Try using many different startup-files! Here are some suggestions:
        þ Change memory-managers. Change QEMM to EMM386 and vice versa.
        þ Use only HIMEM.SYS.
        þ Try using NO startup-files at all (clean boot). To do this, push
          left-shift at bootup.
        þ Remove all TSRs from your startup-files (or at least the ones you
          don't really need). Quite often they take up a big chunk of vital
          memory, or they cause a conflict.
    þ If a network is not required, disable it.
    þ Remember to setup your soundcard properly! If you get it wrong, it
      might just crash your machine. Many sound-setup programs offer some
      sort of auto-detection; However, if this process crashes your machine
      you have to set the parameters manually.
    þ If the program doesn't work under Windows, you're in for a heck of a
      time! ;) Some causes of problems are:
        þ Device conflicts.
        þ Low on memory (try increasing the swapfile-size).
        þ Missing DLLs or incomplete installations.
      Also try tuning your .INI-files if you're using Win3.X.


Thanks go out to all the people who helped us getting this CD ready; It has
been a lot of work. We also greet all our friends and people we know... You
know who you are!

We hope you enjoy this CD. Until next time... CU!

Signed: The Twilight Crew.

All rights reserved. This work is copyrighted by THE TWILIGHT CREW;
Reproduction is strictly prohibited and will result in extreme pain in the
lower regions.


  • Actua Soccer
  • Advanced Civilization
  • CivNet
  • Comix Zone
  • Crusader – No Remorse
  • Descent – Levels of the World
  • Druids – Deamons of the mind
  • EF 2000
  • Extreme Pinball
  • Fatal Racing
  • Fifa Soccer 96
  • Great Naval Battles IV
  • Hexen
  • Indy Car 2
  • Radix – Beyond the Void
  • Rayman
  • Screamer
  • Table Sports
  • TekWar
  • Terminator Future Shock
  • The DIG
  • Turrican 2 – The Final Fight
  • WarCraft 2 – Tides of Darkness
  • WipeOut
  • Zone Raiders
  • Abode Acrobat
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 211
  • AfterDark
  • InterApp
  • LightWave 4.0
  • MidiSoft Studio V4.0
  • NetScape Navigator 2.0á5
  • NetScape Navigator 2.0á5
  • PC Anywhere 95
  • QEMM 8.0
  • Reflection 4a V5.0
  • S-Designer Pro
  • Web Author
  • Web Scan
  • Web Talk
  • Win Fax 95


              ÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ             ÜÜÜ              ÜÜ
             ßß  ÛÛ  ßß             ÛÛ              ÛÛ     ÛÛ
                 ÛÛ            ßß   ÛÛ   ßß         ÛÛ     ÛÛÜÜÜ ÜÜ Ü  Ü   Ü
                ÞÛÛ   ÛÛ   ÛÛ ßÛÛ   ÛÛ  ßÛÛ  ÜÛßßÛÛ ÛÛßßÛÜ ÛÛ
                ÞÛÛ   ÛÛ ÛÞÛÛ ÞÛÛ  ÞÛÛ  ÞÛÛ  ÛÛ  ÛÛ ÛÛ ÞÛÛ ÛÛÝ

Short description of the files in the VARIOUS-directory (please note that
these files have NOT been checked in any way!):

  • 0CD.ZIP – 0cd CD-Rom Emulator v7.1
  • C&CTRN.ZIP – Command & Conquer trainer
  • CC_D4FIX.ZIP – WarCraft 2 DOS4GW Fix
  • CNTRNHBD.ZIP – Command & Conquer trainer
  • CR-CMCHT.ZIP – Cybermage +4 Savegame patch
  • CR-SOXP.ZIP – M&M Swords of Xeen +4 Savegame patch
  • DAWN-SCT.ZIP – Tyrian codes n’ stuff
  • DB-2SKPT.ZIP – Stonkeep Savegame patch
  • DF!AR10.ZIP – Acrobat Reader Plug-In for NetScape
  • DMN-PM1.ZIP – Partition Magic 2.01 for Win 95 [1/2]
  • DMN-PM2.ZIP – Partition Magic 2.01 for Win 95 [2/2]
  • DODQW5DU.ZIP – Quicken 95 Update
  • DZ!IDE.ZIP – HD-Driver for >500MB
  • EOD-145E.ZIP – UFO 1.45 Cracked
  • EOD-SHCS.ZIP – SH-CopyStar 4.2 Cracked
  • GLD-WC2L.ZIP – Sever WarCraft 2 levels
  • HBDJBTRN.ZIP – Jungle Book trainer
  • HBDSCNET.ZIP – Screamer network-update
  • HY-GUW95.ZIP – GUS Drivers for Win 95
  • IMN-WC2.ZIP – WarCraft 2 cheat codes
  • INDYDOC.ZIP – Indy Car II docs
  • M-HDKX75.ZIP – Hyperdisk 4.75 Cracked
  • MMCV56.ZIP – MultiChat v5.6
  • MSKEYGEN.ZIP – MS CD-Key generator
  • PC64W200.ZIP – Win 95 C64 Emulator BETA
  • PHF_REB2.ZIP – Rebel Assault II trainer
  • PLC_REA2.ZIP – Rebel Assault II trainer
  • PSXVIEW.ZIP – PSX-Picture viewer
  • PWADMM1.ZIP – Dynamic Motion Module IPAS Cracked
  • PWAFMORF.ZIP – Free Morph 1.0 for 3DS Cracked
  • PWAMC2DX.ZIP – Magic Carpet 2 Full docs
  • RAD-C118.ZIP – Command & Conquer update to V1.18
  • RL_GW302.ZIP – GoldWave 3.02 Cracked
  • ROR-IHNM.ZIP – I have no mouth… Walkthrough
  • SCK-RS25.ZIP – Party Results pack 2.5
  • SCL-RMTR.ZIP – Rayman Savegame trainer
  • SHEZ109R.ZIP – SHEZ 1.09 registered
  • TCPY203C.ZIP – Turbo Copy 2.03
  • UCFSC214.ZIP – System Commander 2.14 Cracked
  • W32SOLE.EXE – Win32S latest version
  • WAR2KALI.ZIP – WarCraft 2 over kali Patch
  • WC2MON.ZIP – WarCraft 2 moneycheat
  • WIZARD.ZIP – Game Wizard latest version





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