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Hi all,

Enjoying the spring? We do. On this glorious warm day we decided to stay inside and work a bit on the Twilight site. We hope you enjoy these changes.

All Different Twilights Online

Information about every release can be found on this site. This means the collection is nearing completion: some releases have both DVD and CD. Not all of these have been added to the archive. In some cases we also have to include the “various” list. All in all, we’re proud to present at least 89 different pages with Twilight Releases.

Search Function

The search function had a major overhaul, presenting the right results when searching for games and apps. Now you can search for you favorite games and find the release they are on. You’ll also search the “various” lists, this can contain important updates such as 3DFX and other patches. Start your search at the search box top-right or on the search page.

Improved navigation

The Timeline and releases pages are upgraded. Both show the releases per year. Below every release you’ll find below quick menu:


Other releases

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Small updates

Some other minor changes: widen the site-layout to prevent scrollbars on preformatted text, add facts to the timeline and some small things not worth reporting.



New releases online – thanks GeenStijl

Meehelpen aan deze site? Hulp is welkom. Lees de informatie in de zijkant –>

New releases online

We just received the first batch of Twilight-donations via TNT Express. One of the readers of weblog GeenStijl was kind enough to donate a stack of burned cd’s. From this stack we’ve selected a few for publication.

We’ve plundered and scanned the cd’s for any worthwhile detail. We’ve also included low-resolution cover-art from various sources on the web. Next to Games and Apps also a Various list is included. Some releases even have extra images, ascii art or text files: also included. Enjoy your reading!

The new releases are:

Check out all releases here: click.


Thanks GeenStijl

Popular Dutch weblog GeenStijl published an article regarding this attribution project, calling it an “altar founded on crowdsourced digital archeology“. According to GeenStijl Twilight is “The Napster for games, a silver-shining Pirate Bay for software”. We think so.

This post alone had about 150 reactions and resulted in over 20 e-mails regarding all kinds of facts, obscure internet pages and donated Twilight cd’s. This is great, liftoff!

Link to the original blog post (in Dutch): *click*

Twilight 19 Wallpaper

As located in the Various folder of Release #26. Converted without compression from BMP to PNG.


This website…

Meehelpen aan deze site? Hulp is welkom. Lees de informatie in de zijkant –>

Bedankt GeenStijl voor de oproep!

This website is a dedication to the high quality twilight cd-series that where produced in the mid-nineties till mid-thousands. Times have changed and online distribution has evolved to the point that even video-renting companies are going bankrupt.

When it was hot, in the windows 95/98 era, you could buy Twilight from a friend at school. It contained the latest warez: now obsolete and abandoned software. With over 75 issues, professionally produced, this was one of the important warez catalogues of its time.

Today, all software on the Twilight has been superseeded, abondoned, open-sourced or forgotten. We think some attribution should be paid to the twilight. We bought the domain-name that was featured on many releases, just so you can get a quick glimpse of the internet dark ages.

View the releases.

Welcome to twilight-cd.com

This site started on 6 december 2012.